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The next generation of advanced hydraulic fluids that exhibit exceptional oxidation stability of 8,000+ hours, outstanding wear protection and load carrying capability of FZG Stage 12+.

Readily biodegradeable (>60% in 28 days), anti-wear hydraulic fluids formulated with naturally high VI vegetable oils (200VI), Tiger Oil BIO AWs meet Vessel General Permit (VGP) and Small Vessel General Permit (sVGP) requirements as an Environmentally Accepted Lubricant (EAL).

A premium tractor transmission and hydraulic fluid that exceeds the refill and service top-off needs of farm and industrial tractor transmissions, hydraulics, differentials and immersed disc brakes.

Engineered for applications where dielectric strength or "non-conductive" type fluids are specified, Tiger Oil MV 5W-20 has a certified 39 Kv dielectric strength.

Engineered as a Maximum Efficiency Hydraulic Fluid (MEHF), Tiger Oil MAX HVI's high VI of 210 allows it to maximize the efficiency of hydraulic pumps over a wide range of temperatures.

Utilizing full synthetic base oils and pour point depressants, Tiger Oil Low Pour Hydro is engineered to operate continuously at low temperatures.

Tiger Oil TO-4 SAE 10 is formulated to surpass current Caterpillar transmission and drive train requirements. 

Meets the industry's latest diesel engine oil specification API CJ-4 as well as specific OEM requirements and is backward compatible for use in older diesel engines. 

A multi-purpose gear lubricant for use in manual transmissions and transaxles where manufacturers specify an API GL-5, MT-1 or Mack GO-H lubricant.

A high quality, low viscosity anti-wear hydraulic oil with oxidation, rust and corrosion inhibitors. 

Provides excellent lubrication for both rotary and reciprocating type air tools.

Provides maximum film protection lubricity to provide excellent rust & corrosion protection. HF-101 is formulated for use with Enerpac hand pumps and meets Enerpac's warranty requirements.

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