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Colliflower Tiger Oils are always the smart choice for the maintenance of your hydraulic equipment. Having the best hydraulic oil accessories ensure that you and your equipment always work harder and smarter.

Colliflower Tiger Oil™ Oil Only and

General Purpose Clean Up Kits

We are pleased to offer two different all-in-one kits for any of your spill needs.

  • Oil Only Clean Up Kits absorb oil and repel water, and are ideal for keeping oils from contaminating ground water and streams. They are perfect for garages and maintenance areas.

  • General Purpose Clean Up Kits soak up oils, water, coolants, solvents and other water-based fluids anywhere at home or on the job.

Colliflower Tiger Oil Tiger Scrubs

Tiger Scrubs are formulated with cleansing orange oil and special moisturizers to rip through the toughest problems like paint, oil, grease and ink.


They can be used on a variety of surfaces including skin and metals. 

Oil Eater
For all your hydraulic oil clean up needs, we offer specific Oil Eater products.
For questions about Colliflower Tiger Oil Accessories, Contact Us!
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