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Consistent with our commitment to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers, Colliflower is proud to launch next-generation hydraulic fluids: Colliflower Tiger Oils.

For nearly seven decades, Colliflower has been providing customers with premium Parker hoses, fittings and our expert technical services. During this time, we have seen the adverse affects of inferior hydraulic fluids on equipment productivity and longevity.

Colliflower Zinc Free Tiger Oils deliver 8,000+ hours of oxidation stability, are eco-friendly and are manufactured free of tiny, damaging particles that are typically found in traditional hydraulic fluids. 


Explore this website for more information on how Tiger Oils coupled with Parker hoses and fittings will protect and extend the life of your hydraulic systems.


Contact us today to order the Tiger Oil that's best for your application!


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